Nerd Party

Some images from the fantastic nerd-themed birthday party Ingrid hosted this week. Hooray, Ingrid!

Delicious buttercream cupcakes are surrounded by a collection of Dunnies and a stack of appropriately geeky reading

The centerpiece featured wads of graph paper, No.2 pencils, and many more Dunnies

Chemistry beakers held flowers while discarded equations lay nearby
Cute Things from The Curiosity Shoppe

I've only recently come across this delightful online store called The Curiosity Shoppe. So many witty, adorable items for the home and for gift-giving...

A wooden mustache key holder would be such a playful touch
in an otherwise serious entryway.

A "Don't Forget" chalkboard by the fridge would be a great way
to remember little things needed at the grocery store.

A toothsome kitty bag to scare the doggies away!
A pretty letterpress print ready for hanging

Porcelain keys for an artistic coffee table display

This lucky horseshoe would make a perfect gift

In the Mood For... Bold Home Colors

I am positively crazy for this bold yellow ceiling with the muted
gray walls. What a fantastic idea! (Image from Apartment Therapy)

How great is that orange border around the windows and moldings?
(Image from Apartment Therapy)

A sunny, wallpapered kitchen


More Beautiful Shoes...

I know this is not my first post about Christian Louboutin, but there is really no other designer in the world who holds me in such a rhapsodic trance. You can't know until you wear them, but truly, his shoes are heaven. And nothing else even holds a candle.

The other day I was at Joan Shepp on Walnut Street, and these were the cream of the crop:

Photos from Neiman Marcus.com

Meanwhile, these I will be stalking on eBay:


Saul Bass Designs

I have long been obsessed with the work of Saul Bass, the legendary graphic designer who created some of the most amazing film posters in history. Often working with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger, his designs from the 50s and 60s in particular are iconic and modern. I'm not into framed movie posters as home decor, but these are the exception...

The ultimate: An extremely rare original 1957 six-sheet from "Saint Joan"
(Posteritati, $3,000!!!)

Copies of this "Vertigo" poster in English go for as little as $9.99 on eBay.
The one above is an original, and translated into French.

"Anatomyof a Murder" - from the Argentine version!

"Advise and Consent" - I need this!
Another Kind of Wallpaper

I love the desktop wallpapers offered at Kate Spade's website....

All images from Kate Spade.com


The Big Event

After many, many months of preparation, the gala I planned for The Franklin Institute Awards has finally come and gone. I worked with Colin Baer Events on the event decor, and it all came out beautifully. The design concept was that of a French garden, with topiaries, boxwood hedges, graphic toile, and lots of birds, birdcages, and feathers.

My favorite dining room! Colin created the boxwood hedges by wrapping the preexisting silver metal columns in chickenwire and stuffing them with fresh boxwood branches. Tabletop decor featured black birdcages filled with white anemones. 

This dining room was located in the Planetarium. Because the space is essentially a black box, we went for very light-colored decor - white chairs, high-contrast white and black French toile, and mirrored floral containers to reflect light.

Loads of branches covered with tiny feathered birds were the highlight of this room. Other tables featured glass cloches with delicate branches, flowers, and more birds. (All photos courtesey of Kelly & Massa Photography)


Gorgeous Rings

These spectacular rings from Taj Taj Jewelry are truly drool-worthy! I love the Indian-inspired setting and the colored gemstones set in 18K gold.
Favorite eBay Searches ... "Hollywood Regency"

I have a few favorite eBay search phrases: "Louboutin 37," "Jonathan Adler," "paint by number," "Pade Vavra jewelry," and lately "Hollywood Regency." I didn't realize what a common descriptive phrase it now is. So many good finds - from sexy ottomans, to gilded mirrors, to chic chandeliers.

Here are a few things I have my eye on this week:

Curved leg desk in heavenly turquoise

Charming end tables with gilt edges

White bamboo pagoda chandelier

Pale aqua ceramic lamps

Bamboo framed mirror

My Steal of the Week (or more like, the Year) ...

A perfect, new pair of Louboutin t-straps, in gorgeous oxblood with a 4.5 inch heel, acquired from a certain consignment/thrift shop in Center City for a tiny fraction of their original cost. They look even better on than I could have imagined, especially when contrasted with black and brights -- no brown clothes for me. Thank you, shopping gods!