Glamorous Jewels

For my upcoming Halloween birthday, is there a (large!) group of people who would like to chip in to buy me one of these spectacular, jeweled baubles by Genevieve Jones?

I think the ruby (ooh, or maybe the black diamond...) safety pin earrings might be my favorites:

Butcher & Singer

For my Philly friends, how great is this wall mural at the new Stephen Starr restaurant, Butcher & Singer?!  I have a thing about dogs wearing clothes, and this sophisticated scene takes the cake. I mean, there's a doberman wearing a robe and ascot and a Great Dane in a sailor uniform!  

As for the restaurant, it's newly opened at 15th and Walnut Streets in the former Striped Bass location.  It's styled on a 60's era supper club, with swanky, round leather booths, big steaks, and big cocktails.  I have only seen the pics so far, but I'm imagining something a la Mad Men. If so, it might be the perfect opportunity to break out a vintage dress and satin heels!

Obama Style

Jezebel recently mentioned a new blog called Mrs. O, which follows the sartorial choices of Michelle Obama on the campaign trail. It's fantastic!   They follow her day to day looks and reveal what designers she is wearing.

Putting aside Mrs. Obama's significant intellect and career accomplishments for a moment, I have to say that I'm also a big fan of her style. She is chic, but in a very attainable, down to earth way. There's is nothing plastic or overly done-up about her - she is simply a stylish woman who knows how to mix designs by H&M and J.Crew with more expensive, cutting edge pieces by designers such as Thakoon or Narciso Rodriguez, all the while imparting her own personal touch. I appreciate her choices of color, pattern, and playful ornamentation (fun, feathered brooches, multicolored J.Crew flats) and so do the writers over at Mrs. O.  Check it out if you have a moment, and don't forget to vote next Tuesday!

Check out how she's managed to take the expected pearl necklace 
and make it interesting!

(Top image of Senator and Mrs. Obama - in a dress by Thakoon - via Mrs. O; bottom image via GQ)


Bright and Sunny

It's gloomy and cold here in Philly today, but not in these lovely images via Traditional Home...


Pretty Patterns

I love these new fabrics from Calico Corners....

They remind me of this gorgeous bedroom by interior designer Katie Ridder:

Home Decor at HSN

Birdie pillow by John Robshaw for HSN

Flipping through the current issue of Elle Decor I noticed an ad for HSN (that is, the Home Shopping Network) that featured home decor collections by John Robshaw, Nate Berkus and Colin Cowie.  I was intrigued by the Robshaw pieces, as I am a big fan of his designs but not of the prices.  Also, I've never actually been to the HSN site before, so I was surprised that they had such an impressive lineup.  After spending at least an hour perusing the various departments, I found all kinds of desirable items for the home and the closet from the names mentioned above as well as the likes of Pat Field and Loulou de la Falaise (YSL's famous muse.) Some of my favorites...


Black and White Chic

I'm swooning over the oh-so-chic home of J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, featured in the new Domino.  The baby's room is particularly fab with the yellow striped ceiling.  I think I want to try that look somewhere, like maybe my own bedroom!  And I can't even talk about that insane "closet"...

Jewelry Cabinet... Finished!

I've always wanted some kind of special showcase to hold my jewelry.  It seems like a shame to buy something pretty and then stick it in a drawer or box where you can't see it.  Half the time I forget what's in those drawers and boxes and end up wearing the same pieces over and over.  So I was thrilled when I found this jewelry curio a few days ago.  Still, it needed implements inside the box on which to hold the jewelry, so I had myself a little crafting afternoon.  The idea was tree branches, but instead of, say, spray painting some manzanita branches, I decided to make the branches and cover them in sweet printed fabrics.  

Here's the close-up of the tree with the door open.  I wanted it to look a little rough around the edges so it would have more of a vintage look, so I ripped the fabric into skinny strips and let the fringe show.  In addition to the main tree, I created individual branches in contrasting fabrics that are attached from the top of the box and descend into the interior. I also made a little rock for attaching pins, like my fun little bakelite parrot.

The way I went about making the tree form was by using armature wire, a very soft, bendable wire that is used in sculpture and can be found at art supply stores.  I simply bended it into the shape I was going for and made sure I created a little base that would allow it to stand.  In this case, bending the bottom into a tripod shape worked perfectly.

Once the shape was right, I started wrapping it with the strips of fabric, using hot glue to hold it secure at various spots.

The finished tree only took about an hour.   I think something like this would be cute sitting by itself on a dresser too.  And the same idea could even work with real branches wrapped in fabric or ribbon and placed in a vase.  Hmm, maybe I have another project to take on!


Golden Hues

Images via House Beautiful...


...Well victory at least for the time being!  Thanks so much to everyone who voted in our bracket round of the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest yesterday.  We managed to advance to the next round (hooray!) and we are now looking forward to crushing our next competitor (that sentiment I will attribute to Kevin) with your continued support.  I'll keep you all posted for when the Round of 8 begins...  Thanks again! 

Bear monster gocco print image by Matte Stephens


Jewelry Display + House Update

I recently came upon this lovely glass-sided curio box (at a Philly shop called Open House) and thought it would be a perfect home for some of my more display-worthy jewelry.  I haven't had a chance to style it yet, but my plan is to create a little scene with a tree branch for holding necklaces and earrings.  I'm also thinking about giving it a coat of paint.  It kind of looks like a pagoda to me, so I'm thinking a vibrant, glossy blue or green might be nice.

Here's a shot with the door open...

Part of the reason for getting the jewelry curio is that I've been trying to do some decorating in the master bedroom.  I've neglected this space for the most part, mainly because we really need one place in the house to pile things and be messy.  The visual clutter is officially stressing me out though, hence the improvements.  

Here's my new picture wall which is situated across from the bed:

The shadow box with the brass keys was a $5 find at the flea market this past weekend. Meanwhile, here's a current view of the bed area, with little Roxie snoozing at the foot of the bed:

David Stark Design

Such creative, autumnal-themed event decorating from the always inventive David Stark Design.  The twine ball centerpieces are so adorable...

Sweet Sixteen

Very cool... our house made it to the round of 16 in the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest! Thanks so much to those of you who posted such nice comments.  Voting in our bracket begins today for the latest round, and there is some tough competition. Personally, I think the house we are going up against is quite lovely.  

The link to vote can be found HERE...


Earthy Living Spaces

These first cool days of fall must have me yearning for the warm and cozy interiors of this California home designed by Peter Dunham.  The entry table is particularly charming with a great balance of textures and color.  All images via House Beautiful