Inspiring Outdoor Spaces, Part 2

As a follow up to my previous post, I thought I would share photos of the most inspiring outdoor space of all...my mom's gorgeous garden in Birmingham, Alabama! My mom is a real genius when it comes to her yard (and really with everything she does!)...she's so creative and puts so much effort into making things beautiful. She and my dad have created an amazing space, with my dad having built all the decks and swings and even that awesome gazebo!

Check out the little stone kitty cat hiding amongst the flowers!

The real kitties like to climb trellis and sit among the twisty vines


Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Bears in Love

One of my favorite booths at the Art Star Craft Bazaar held in Philly a few weeks ago was the one from KG + AB

This porcelain figurine of two bears hugging (dancing?) is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and I must have it...


Beautiful in Blue...

I love the cerulean blue walls in Carrie's redecorated apartmend in Sex and the City: The Movie!
If I Can't Have an Actual Bulldog...

...then I will have to have this adorable needlepoint "Brutus" bulldog pillow from Flutter!