Bold Colors & Bright Ideas - Frank Roop

There are many details that I love in these amazing rooms by interior designer Frank Roop. While each space is super glamorous, so many of the individual ideas are totally DIY-able! Let me name a few: the fuchsia silk print-covered stool with nail head trim, the teal shades with chartreuse ribbon trim on the matching desk lamps...

...the chartreuse velvet bench with legs painted the same color (so much more chic that way!)...

...the pale blue and sea foam accessories on the bedside tables make for such an unexpected yet brilliant color combo...

...more vibrantly-hued lampshades, this time on gold candlestick lamps (wow, I totally need to get to work painting some of my lampshades)...

...and finally, how about that crazy gorgeous ribbon trim on the natural drapes! 

There are just too many good ideas here. What I like best is how all of these rooms feature a neutral backdrop, which is perfect for letting the (many) accent colors pop. I've been debating what color to paint my master bedroom, and now I'm thinking I will go with a taupe or beige so I can go crazy with color everywhere else.... Thanks Mr. Roop, you have inspired me!


Tangerine and Aqua

This bedroom is so charming, what with it's mix of playful patterns and accents of glossy black. And the little desk area is adorable - I wish I had a small closet to convert in this way with build in shelves and a glass-topped desk surface.  So cute!


Happy Weekend!

It's been an incredibly busy week as there is a big wedding tomorrow (!!!), so I am going to sign off for the day! I'll leave you with these bright and cheerful interiors from stylist Marianne Cotterill, and designs from Chris Benz' Spring 2010 collection.... Have a great weekend!

(Interior images via Oak Management; Chris Benz photos via Style.com)


Cozy Fall Interiors

I'm inspired by these warm and vibrant jewel-toned interiors created by stylist Claudia Bryant...


Tuesday Eye Candy: Ruffled Perfection

Petulia's Folly Giveaway Winner!

A big congrats to the winner of the Petulia's Folly giveaway - Sary, commenter #13! I have your beautiful John Derian peacock paperweight all wrapped up and ready to go. Don't forget to get in touch with me so I can mail it you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, a big thanks to all of you for commenting and for checking out the Petulia's Folly website. I wasn't lying when I said they have tons of gorgeous and completely covetable goodies for the closet and the home, was I?! Now I'm currently obsessing over the Rachel Comey monkey moon dress and the 3.1 Phillip Lim curly fur vest, which I would be so tempted to wear together.... gosh, I really, really want a furry vest!

And, of course, thank you so much to Petulia's Folly for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!


Philadelphia City Posters from Ork

A little something for my local friends! Finally, Ork Posters has produced a Philly version of their famous city neighborhood poster. I love it! 

Buy it here...

Delightful Desks and Dressers...

One of my favorite things in home decor is quirky and creative arrangements on desks and dressers. These images from super chic interior designer Kishani Perera (who I discovered via Desire to Inspire) make me want to run upstairs and start redesigning my dresser right now... or maybe after a quick stop at the flea market!  All of the objet she has selected for the spaces are so interesting and off-kilter - they just makes me happy! Check out more eye candy here.

(All images by Jean Randazzo for Kishani Perera Interior Design)


Happy Friday + John Derian Giveaway Reminder!

Hope you all have a very happy fall weekend! I will be immersed in various fun wedding activities, from a bachelorette party to a marathon Sunday afternoon of crafting. Can't wait for it all!

Meanwhile, please don't forget to submit your comment for the fantastic John Derian giveaway sponsored by Petulia's Folly....

John Derian really is the epitome of home decor chic (at least in my opinion), so don't miss your chance to win that gorgeous paper weight!

Happy weekend, everyone!

(Image from top: Gemma Comas; Petulia's Folly store by Elizabeth)

Loveleigh Invitations

Are these not the sweetest wedding invitations? I love the original color combination of tangerine, blue and pink, and the porcupines in love make for such an quirky and adorable logo. Designed by the immensely talented Cheyenne of Loveleigh Invitations, the invites truly reflect the style and interests of the fantastic bride and groom. And lucky me, the ladies at Loveleigh are designing my wedding invitations too! Just wait until you see the save-the-dates we are working on... they are so, so good. Here's another recent examples of their lovely work...

(All images via Loveleigh Invitations)


White Sofas, or, Things I Want That I'll Never Have...

I suspect I will never own a white sofa. Despite my desire to someday have one in my house, my three black cats have conspired to prevent it from happening. I hate that feeling of wanting something and knowing I can never have it (well, at least as long as these three felines - whom I love very much - still walk the earth...). It's one thing not to be able to afford something, but to be denied a sparkling, white seating area just because one's pets choose to shed fur and emit various unpleasant fluids all the time... well, that's not fair.

I guess I will just have to continue living vicariously through images such as the examples shown here. So, is there something you want for your house but know you will never have the opportunity to own? Come on, let's commiserate together!

(Images from top: Homes and Gardens, Jill Stuart's home in Elle Decor, Living Etc, Jonathan Adler, Domino, Healing Barsanti, House Beautiful, Unknown)