Fashion at Home, Part 2

Speaking of, this book by Marie Bariller is perfect for anyone interested in the private style of fashion designers and/or how to inject some of that kind of look into your own home design.
Fashion at Home

I love this print-infused living room that I spied on (frolic!) recently. It makes me want to splurge on one of these gorgeously patterned Missoni Home pillows:

Missoni "Passiflora" and "Traveling Zoo" cushions from Auto

Summer Style

It's depressing to see fall clothing making its way into the stores right now. It's still the height of summer, and all I want to wear are breezy and colorful dresses, like this one on PR exec Bonnie Morrison:

From The Sartorialist

In fact, I would just like to look like her all the time! Here she is in another great, casual ensemble:

I'm Back

Sorry for being away for so long. A busy summer led to an extended break from the blog, but I'm back now and ready to share some of the fun things I've been keeping my eye on.

Like this beautiful reproduction print found at The Vintage Poster...

Wouldn't it look great with the dancing bears from KT + AG: