The Perfect Light

Such pretty feathered light fixtures by Haldane Martin (via Apartment Therapy)...

I wonder if one could create a crafty homage to this lamp with an inexpensive Ikea hanging shade and an armful of ostrich plumes?


Wallpaper - In Progress

I'm in the midst of wallpapering my powder room, and it's been quite a project so far!  (The paper is really pretty, isn't it?!  I love the metallic silver background...)  I've never wallpapered before, so it has been a lot of trial and error.  Still, I think it's coming out pretty good.  That's Radius, above, admiring my handiwork...


Happy Friday + Tom Binns

Hope you have a great weekend!  Until Monday, please enjoy this gorgeous eye candy from jewelry designer Tom Binns...


Wild Safari

I must have one of these rhinos from Sprout Home! So quirky and reasonably priced, and perfect for my coffee table.  


Black is the color...

Dark and dramatic interiors...so appealing right now... 

Coffee Sack Totes

These coffee sack buckets from Mayamade are the perfect combination of neutral and graphic, and would be great for holding magazines by the sofa or mittens and scarves under the entry table. They are currently sold out on her Etsy store, but keep a look-out as the designer seems to add new ones on a regular basis.


Vintage Fun

Fantastic collection of vintage and ethnic pieces in the living room and bedroom of Midcenturyjo from Desire to Inspire, found via Flickr.

I am crazy for the cushioned stools at the foot of the bed...


Handy Dandy

Love these!  If anyone wants to get me the one with the serpent and the apple for Christmas, I would not complain.  

From everyone's favorite potter, Jonathan Adler...

Happy Friday!

I hope wherever you are is brighter and sunnier than it is in Philadelphia right now!  

Days like this make me yearn for a cozy yet modern bedroom, like the one pictured above by Paul Siskin...


Constructs by Laura Kicey

A couple months ago, Oh Joy! featured the work of photographer Laura Kicey. Ever since then, I have been positively obsessed with her eye-popping photo collages.   I would already have one hanging in my house if it wasn't so hard to choose!  A selection is available for purchase on Etsy...

Recycled Lighting

This chandelier is bananas....literally!  From Dutch artist Anneke Jakobs...




I've been a huge fan of McSweeney's - the online and printed literary journal founded by Dave Eggers - for years.  Printed on a quarterly basis, each issue of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern is spectacularly creative in its theme and packaging, not to mention in the quality of the writing housed inside.  The current issue (#28) focuses on fables and is made up of eight illustrated books packaged side by side to create the image seen above.  So cool. Examples of other issues include one made to look like a pile of mail and a hardbound book wrapped in a sheet of newspaper comics...

And if you have the chance to peruse the McSweeney's site, don't miss the lovely and heartbreaking memories of the late, great David Foster Wallace.  If you are not already familiar with his writing, you will want to be after learning more about him...

Dramatic Color

Did anyone see this 17th Century Barcelona apartment featured on Apartment Therapy last week?  I love the bold shots of color and modern accents...

Images via The New York Times via Apartment Therapy


Two Blue Dogs

I can't help but love my pair of foo dogs, picked up recently at Pearl River Mart in NYC.  I know they are beginning to become a bit of a home decor cliche, but I still love them and am happy to have them greet me when I walk in the front door.  Their arrival was also a great excuse for rearranging my entry table...

Happy Friday...

...from my home, aka Wild Animal Kingdom!


Where Do I Put My Marlin?

I celebrated a wonderful birthday weekend a few days ago.  Amongst the many lovely presents I received from my fella, family, and friends, I was bestowed with a fabulous stuffed marlin like the ones pictured above.  I've always wanted one, but now I don't know where to put it!  It seems like it needs a fairly minimal space so it looks like a piece of art.  Anywhere else and I'm worried things will look tacky and cluttered.   I might have do some rearranging, but I am determined to make it work.  I'll keep you posted once it arrives at the house and I start trying things out...

Images via Domino



A wall mural spied while out for my birthday celebration on Friday night...

Today is a great day, with our new President-elect and fantastic First Lady!  


I can't help but love polka-dots...


Lab Partner Prints

I am bonkers for these new prints from San Francisco design duo, Lab Partners.  The prints are from their upcoming "Hunt & Gather" show at Outre Gallery in Sydney.  

All images via Lab Partners

Dolce Vita

There are some badass new shoe styles over at Dolce Vita.  I have my eye on the black cage lace-up sandals in particular.  They have a very Azzedine Alaia/bondage-y quality about them, and would look awesome all winter long with tights and skirts...

From top: "Cher," "Viola," "Chastity," "Molly," and "Tori"; all by Dolce Vita