The Sartorialist

I am obsessed with The Sartorialist and am constantly wowed by the street fashions that he photographs. Oh how I wish Scott Schulman would come to Philly and find me on a day I've managed to put together a particularly inspired ensemble!

Sometimes it's just a detail he catches, and other times it's the whole outfit. Either way, he has practically replaced fashion magazines for me.

Some recent faves...

I love the idea of a bright floral dress on a winter day, especially when paired with tweedy grey tights and studded mary janes. And the belted cardigan on top really makes the look.

The metallic bag looks great against the long red sweater. And I must find some thin ankle socks to wear with my little ankle booties. Best of all though is the flash of bare leg in winter -- I'm loving short right now, it feels much fresher than the "right at the knee" look we've been wearing for so long.

Yet another way to wear my J.Crew Lexington blazer! The mix of patterns between the scarf and the skirt is perfect too.

So that's how I can wear a sweater cape!
p.s. I must find some thin ankle fishnetsocks...

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