Topshop Prints

I'm torn between being incredibly excited and a little bit sad that Topshop is finally opening it's first store in NYC this fall. Torn because, while it is absolutely my favorite high street place to shop, it will be a bummer to have to share it with everyone else in the States.

Anyway, they have some great printed dresses for spring that hit all the important trends, and they are all available online, so we don't have to wait until the store opens in the fall...

The partridge embroidery is so sweet on the little smock dress;
with tall gladiator sandals, the floral dress will have a great Balenciaga-for-spring feel;
the ombre dress at left will be great with tough, black leather sandals;
and the vintage graphic print on the apron dress is the perfect thing
for knocking around on the weekend.

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