Z Gallerie

I sometimes forget how impressively on-trend Z Gallerie is when it comes to home furnishings and accessories, especially at their very reasonable price points. My friend Colin texted me the other day to say he found an amazing twig-shaped coat rack on their site for $99 (he's spraying it metallic gold, to make it even more interesting.) His message got me browsing around their site, and I found so many goodies to share.

Instead of a random grouping of favorites, I thought I would "recreate" some of my favorite interior looks...

Room #1
A surprisingly classic (for my tastes) room from the March 08
cover of House Beautiful. Despite the need for a few jolts of color,
I love the quirky accessories (like the white ceramic fox),
the lacquer table, and the zebra stool mixed in with the more conservative pieces.

The round mirror from Z Gallerie nicely mimics the version over the fireplace,
but for only $139; a large zebra ottoman adds flair to any kind of space;
a classically-shaped lamp is perfect for a side table, but this one is more
current in glass; a fantastically funny crocodile for $28 -
I would spray him glossy white and let him rest of the coffee table.

Room #2

Clean and bright, with bursts of citrus color and an interesting
collections of accessories (from Domino)

An identical velvet slipper chair, this time in pale aqua blue, reflects the bright
color palette from the room above; a horse figurine and some glossy green
foo dogs would be perfect on the shelves; an Asian-inspired ceramic stool
works as an occassional table.

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