A Wedding in the Country

I love the idea of a wedding in a rustic setting decorated with exuberantly eclectic - yet inexpensive - floral arrangements and linens (this is for you, Gina!) Instead of the typical daisies and plaid prints though, why not take inspiration from this gorgeous event at The Met:
(from BizBash)

I would do long community tables with simple wood folding chairs and white tablecloths, and then sew runners out of floral print fabrics to place down the center of the table. Napkins could be mis-matched as well. For centerpieces, brightly painted metal pails do the trick:

(from ArtFool)

Or what about using clusters of tea tins and vegetable cans filled with wildflowers:

(from Dominomag.com)

Vintage tea tins can be had for a song on eBay, and are often sold in lots, so you can collect them quickly!

Mason jars would also look great mixed into the tabletop arrangements - either holding flowers or pillar candles - and they are so inexpensive! And if you are going for a more neutral palette, how about fashioning some rustic containers from stained plywood scraps...

(from Artfool)

And here are so lovely images from James Abel Events, featuring a barn setting and a variety of blooms in a variety of containers, large and small.

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