New Fabrics + Guest Bedroom

My next big house project is the guest bedroom. The hold up has been the bed, which is being given to us. But we are picking it up this weekend and with that I will be able to start the decorating! Initially I was inspired by this bedroom that was featured in Domino. Because our guest room is very small, we're using a twin bed, but I still want it to look chic and grown-up. But then I started hunting for fabrics and found options that are taking me in a slightly different direction.

Instead of a red ultrasuede, I'm going to cover my headboard in the vibrant fuchsia velvet photographed above. Found at a lovely little upholstery and decorating shop called Behind Closed Doors, it will bring in a little bit of the girliness that the rest of the house is missing. Interestingly, I came across this pink velvet headboard from Lawson-Fenning on Elements of Style the other day, which made me even more certain it was the right way to go.

Vale headboard by Lawson-Fenning for Nurseryworks

To keep it from getting too girly though, I will temper it with modern black and white prints, like that fun splatter print and the vintage batik print. And I'd also like to work in some more bright colors. This bed from the shop Apartment 48 in NYC has got me thinking:

A chartreuse bed side table? A yellow lamp? Those fantastic Thomas Paul elephant pillows!? I'm so excited to get started and see how things turn out....

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kay* said...

love the fabrics! especially the splatter and zebra (but i'm always crazy about zebra print)