Upholstery Switcheroo

I decided last night that I had to add some zebra print to my living room....immediately. I've been trying to figure out how and where to do this ever since we moved in. I wanted to do a zebra rug, but Kevin wasn't loving that idea. Then, I was going to do pillows for the sofa, but that didn't seem right either. And then I looked at this stool. I only recently covered it in a fabulous teal Amy Butler peacock print, but it was starting to seem drab to me:

So I pulled the fabric off and recovered it in an inexpensive zebra print that I picked up on Fabric Row for a mere $7/yard. It adds so much more pop to the room:

Meanwhile, the Amy Butler has been used to re-cover this little vintage chair I had sitting in the corner. I think they suit each other!

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