Weekend Project, Part 2

Guest bedroom decorating got underway this weekend. While there is still much to do, it feels good to have furniture set up and to have everything painted. The lamp seen above was an unexpected little project. I came upon the lamp base at K-Mart! It was a hideous burnished gold, but I thought the pineapple would have a real Palm Beach vibe with a coat of chartreuse paint. Was I right? I think it's super cute. As for the table, it was a $15 yard sale find. Originally beech veneer, it looks very cute with it's new black varnish and ceramic drawer pull. See below for a look at its legs:

The headboard is another example of the DIY spree I went on this weekend. I think I may need to add some black nail head trim to give it a bit more character. The right bedding would help too! Does anyone know where I can buy hotel-style pillow shams with the double-lined black embroidery border? I can't afford the Frette ones for $100/pair...

Finally, a spruced-up side chair for lacing shoes or resting a handbag. Yet another thrifty find, it couldn't have been more than $10. Wow, I'm really keeping the glossy black spray paint makers in business. Also, I finally found a use for that cool splatter print I displayed in a previous post. Yay!


wolf said...

They aren't Frette (what IS, right?) but these are pretty close, and they're on sale: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p10844/index.cfm?pkey=ff048

Second, observe all the skull stuff: http://www.potterybarn.com/gift/thm/THMnewfhl/index.cfm


Peacock Feathers said...

Thanks Clare! I love the Pottery Barn shams, but it looks like they are sold out. Rats!