Day 1: Laundry!

Maybe it's the new year, but something has got me in an organizing mood. So this week, I will be sharing some of my neat and tidy house projects, as well as cool products for keeping things out of sight/out of mind.

It seems like no matter what we do, my guy and I always have an enormous pile of laundry overflowing from a basket in the bedroom. I think this authentic postal surplus bag from Three Potato Four would be a playful solution to our laundry woes.  A couple of these bags lined up along the wall would make a graphic statement and might also serve as additional bean bag-style seating for our three cats!

Meanwhile, this bag of money is hilarious.  I think it would be perfect as an ironic objet d'art in the living room...


stories behind objects said...

Realy hilarious the bag of money!

samiya said...

i loved the idea of these sacks.. and the bar of soaps in a jar.. truly amazing.. i would looooove to do taht.. its the most creative item on display.. I am impressed