Day 3: Bathroom Storage!

It's a great thing to have storage space in the bathroom. For us though, the storage is on open shelves. For this reason, it all needs to look pretty in addition to being functional. I didn't want wall to wall bins, so I worked in some framed prints and knickknacks to break things up. And the baskets hold cleaning products, toilet paper and other items that are best kept concealed.

Since the color of the soap matches the wall, I decided to unwrap the bars and put them on display in a big glass jar from Crate & Barrel. Now when one of us gets into the shower and realizes the soap has been worn down to a sliver, it will be easy to grab a fresh bar!

Meanwhile, the horse print is by The Cellophanes and the "Love" jar and little elephant are by my favorite potter, Jonathan Adler (found at the fantastic Matthew Izzo moving sale, for my Philadelphia friends!)

Bowls for cotton balls and toiletries in modern packaging sit out on a tray (this one is Thomas Paul) and towels are folded and stacked on the shelves.

I left open space so we can add baskets as needed, but for now it contains our clutter and allows room to display some fun objects. What a relief!


ms. shoo {shebreathes.com} said...

I love the elephant! I'm going to visit Mr. Adler right now.

Amanda said...

Absolutely fantastic! Love the color in the bathroom as well.

Sober In the City said...

You went to the sale!! I knew you would find something. What did you think of that horsehead lamp? Gorgeous, eh? I have to go back tomorrow and buy coasters. Want to go back?

Jackie said...

The bathroom looks great! Love that laser beam horse print! You are able to inject such a great sense of humor in your decor.

wolf said...

I like the idea of the cleaning supplies being hidden in plain sight. The contrast of the dark shelves and the pale wall color is great.

I also see you moved Mr. Owl from your front hall table to your bathroom!

beachbungalow8 said...

allrighty, you have me gearing up for a weekend project!