Day 4: Pocket Change

Saving change is a necessity, but a shoebox (or if you live in my house, a plastic pretzel barrel) filled with random coins and pocket lint is not the tidiest or most attractive way to corral it. How about a cute piggy bank instead? I'm dying for the Jeff Koons balloon dog myself. A tiny work of art for the dresser, and a place to store my pennies for a rainy day!

Collage 1, from top left: vintage paper mache piggy bank; Jeff Koons balloon dog; Karim Rashid "Time is Money" bank; Los Luchadores; Bruno Limberger Koin Bank 

Collage 2, from top left: Harry Allen pig bank; Year of the Ox; black elephant coin bank, Jonathan Adler; Vacavaliente leather pig bank; Dwell elephant bank; Domus house coin banks

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