Bargain Design Favorites

I'm sure most of us are familiar with these home decor favorites that seem to pop up in all sorts of interiors: the monkey with bananas vase, the pierced carthage vase, the elephant side table... Two's Company makes chic, affordable version of all of these. I happen to have their version of the small white simian shown above. Anyway, while perusing Amazon last night, I came across all of these goodies marked down, in some cases almost 70% off retail! 

The elephant would be fun painted a bold, glossy color - like maybe yellow. But I think I need to get one of those vases. At $58 (marked down from $170) for the largest, it's a lot of design pow for the money!

Images via Two's Company


Pop Culture Casualty said...

You are so bad for me! I just ordered the elephant.

kay* said...

ack! when you sent me the links (thank you so much) i perused through the other offerings and was also eyeing the giant vase and...also the elephant and camel stools...i kinda love them in white...ack! what to do what to do?!?

coincidentally i was planning a post on this sale too. great minds think alike :)

should i go big monkey or small????

Elizabeth said...

Everything is so cute, it's hard to decide isn't it! But to Kay, I definitely think the big monkey is cooler.

And hey PCC, I thought you were supposed to stop shopping for you apartment?! ;)

Diva Style said...

I bought the small monkey! You made me do it! :-)