Charm & Chain Jewelry

I know I go on about jewelry way too much, but this ring by Lavina G is making me crazy! It is so to-die-for, I can barely even stand it. A perfect glitzy bauble, it features a citrine stone and hand-painted enamel in 18k gold. From my new favorite site for jewelry, Charm & Chain. They have a very desirable selection of sparkly and colorful pieces by the likes of Gerard Yosca, Lizzy Fortunato and many more...

Top collage, clockwise from left: Three hearts necklace by Issy Solomon; Bejeweled necklace by Sequin; Multicolored midnight bow necklace by FALLON; Dangle teardrop earrings by Gerard Yosca; Audrey enamel bangles by Rachel Leigh

Bottom collage, clockwise from left: Starfish necklace by Sequin; Swarovski drop earrings by Martine Wester; Silver lace bead layered chain necklace by Nicole Romano; Minerva bracelet by Dori Csengeri; Gold hammered cuff by Gerard Yosca

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