Fashion Illustration by Tanya Ling

Oh how I love these gorgeous fashion illustrations by Tanya Ling! The ones pictured here (which depict looks from the Spring and Fall 08 collections) are available for purchase as signed, limited edition giclee prints at Fashion Illustration Gallery. The Lanvin illustration, second from the top, is definitely my favorite. Such a tempting splurge...

Images (all via Fashion Illustration Gallery) from top: Marc Jacobs RTW S/S 2008; Lanvin RTW F/W 2008; Jil Sander RTW F/W 2008; YSL RTW F/W 2008


Pop Culture Casualty said...

These poor ladies with the elongated necks. What is the technical name for that disfigurement? Your guy like these?

Jennifer Ramos said...

I really LOVE these! : )

Jen Ramos
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