Home Again


Kevin and I returned from our trip to Florida last night. What a great time! We visited with family and friends in the Tampa area, and then headed to Orlando for the remainder of the trip. I had never been to Disney before, so Kevin treated me to a day at the parks. We had the BEST time at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was seriously fun and completely filled with eye-candy! I don't know what I loved more - seeing all the amazing wild animals on display or getting to enjoy the amazing decor, signage, store displays and costumes. Check out some of the details above!


Amanda said...

Wow, it's been YEARS since I was at Disney and certainly didn't pay attention to the "design aspect" when I was there (and much younger). But, you have amazing photos to frame up- I absolutely love them! If you don't mind sharing, what kind of camera did you use to take those pictures?

...love Maegan said...

such fabulous photos!!!

steven mcvay said...

hello from london, animal kingdom is one of my favorite parks that disney has to offer, every turn there is an amazing signpost or detail that most people would miss, the attention to detail on the ordinary mundane things makes disney so magical. hope you went on expedition everest ?..what other parks did you go to ? you would have loved epcot and visiting world showcase, that place is visually spectacular, in the best way possible.

Jackie said...

Wow, great pics! I would think you were in a different country if it weren't for the drain in the second pic! Ha!

BTW, I wanted to make sure you received my email with the interview questions. Some of my emails haven't been going through correctly.

Have a great weekend!