Felix Rey & Miss Trish of Capri for Target



Have you guys checked out these awesome new design collaborations from our friends at Target? I am absolutely loving the summer-perfect bags and sandals from Felix Rey and Miss Trish of Capri. I was lucky enough to pick up the wave-print clutch yesterday. It is adorable! And don't get me started on the sandals.. they are so perfect for a summer at the beach. While they aren't in stores yet, they should be any day now. Personally, I will be in line for the black patent ladybug wedge...


Sweet Nothings said...

I am so excited for miss trish! I love the shoes, but could never justify it..a pair of sandles and those hot wedges FOR SURE!

mrs. cly said...

aahh i love target. too bad i always spent too much when i go so i always avoid it as long as i can. but on my next trip i'll definitely look for these!

LindsB said...

I am so excited about both these new lines! I am going this weekend to see the bags, and I have every calender in my house marked with reminders to check out the shoes, I LOVE the lion ones!

Maggie May said...

I truly truly adore Target. It has given me so many cute adorable lovely things I could not otherwise obtain or afford.

Love the middle sandals and the first blue and white purse.

Anonymous said...

The Felix Rey clutch is pretty amazing in person too. Have you seen the cute new Dwell Studio pillows (there is a lovely grey and yellow silk one that I think you might like) and their adorable oven mitts? Target is really wonderful right now. Claire

wolf biter said...

Those ladybug wedges and the red rope wedges will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.

Jennifer Ramos said...

that top felix rey clutch in blue and white looks so cute.

Jen Ramos
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