My Next Project

I've been wanting a chandelier for the longest time, just haven't really had a place for one. I think I've figured it out though! And this old brass and crystal number from Craigslist is going to be my guinea pig. Hopefully soon, after a thorough refurbishing (which will definitely involve these), it will be hanging grandly in my house.  I'll keep you posted on this project... lots more pictures to come!

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Amanda said...

Curious... were you concerned about the functionality of the chandelier when buying it from Craigslist? I'm thinking this is the type that gets hardwired into your ceiling, or no- just plugged into a socket? I too have been loving chandeliers lately, but would be wary of spending the $ not knowing whether or not it would even work properly. So, let me know how you went about that! Looking forward to seeing the final product- your DIY covers look great though, just saw that post!