We're Having A Party!


Ok, we're not having a party just yet, but I can't help looking forward to summertime barbecues on our back patio... um, once I finish the substantial list of improvement plans I have in mind. But anyway... When the time comes, I think I will send out real, honest-to-goodness paper invitations, like these adorable ones from Kate Spade:


By the way, all these styles are in her sale section for 50% off!


Same New Story said...

These are reason enough to put together an event! so cute!

KristenB said...

Casey makes really great cards with hand-drawn graphics.


M. Leigh said...

Not sure if you check out snippet&ink on a regular basis, but a while back they posted this birthday party that was simply fabulous. http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/2008/12/lobster-birthday-party.html

It truly inspired me to get in the think tank for my hubby's 30th birthday in October.

This Kate Spade stationary would have been perfect for invitations to that event, don't you think?