Friday Eye Candy


Sometimes store displays are the most wonderful sources of design inspiration. This tableau found at Petulia's Folly (a shop here in Philadelphia) just bowled me over when I first glimpsed it! It's like the most perfect vintage-style mood board come to life. I could totally see someone basing their entire wedding design on this look.


To begin with, the color palette is amazing. Don't you love the pale turquoise wall paired with the bold bursts of red, hot pink and chartreuse, and the more subtle touches of black and creamy white? And I'm enamored by the texture and shine that comes from the feathers, fabric scraps and embroidered gloves.



On a more literal level, I'm thinking about how great this wall would be as an inspiration for a bulletin board in my house. Maybe over the bar in my living room, similar to the one shown here...


Can you think of other ways to use this display as inspiration for a creative project?


Courtney said...

oh i love it soooo much! looks like an amazing shop!

LindsB said...

love the feathers, I need to get some for my place- they are so fun.

kay* said...

before reading the post i thought this was a new vignette in your home - it looks just like your style!

love it.