Whimsical Wants


I've recently had my eye on a few fun things for the house and for myself. The animal print "Karkuteilla" fabric from Marimekko is one of my favorites ever. Each yard contains one repeat of the image, and for $59 would be perfect stretched and hung over a bed or sofa. But, do you guys think it's too "kiddie" for anywhere other than a child's room?

Meanwhile, I can't stop thinking about these enchanting charm necklaces by Tord Boontje. Crafted from sterling silver and 18K gold-plate and ranging in price from $27-$40, they are bargains that would look so eye-catching with a simple black dress.

Who else has something they've been craving?


FinnStyle said...

Thank you for the mention, Elizabeth. I just wanted to note that the Karkuteilla repeat is actually 1.4 yds. Let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks!

OmnisLucis said...

Those charm necklaces are so stunning, I'd wear one on a gold chain/pale leather string instead. The print is really fun, I do think it could be overwhelming on a grown-up sofa but why not use it as a cushion cover on neutral (garden) furniture?

(my word verification is puked, not sure if I should be offended)

wolf biter said...

Having seen your office, I think you could get away with one repeat of the Marimekko print in there. You've got other whimsical things in there, so I think it'd work framed in a really plain white wood frame.

Jackie said...

Love that Marimekko fabric. I don't think it is too kiddie, it would look great anywhere you decided to use it.