Bold Color at Christian Dior

I adore the eye-popping colors and New Look silhouettes at Christian Dior's Fall 09 couture show...


shell said...

hi elizabeth,
love your blog. and did you know your happy yellow wardrobe was featured over on desire to inspire?
have a lovely day.

avant garde said...

it's a very feminine year in design, whether it be fashion or interior, tons of flowers, pretty colors, it's actually quiet refreshing i think. i love the tulle skirt with that yellow jacket, i could wear tulle until the cows come home, i don't...but i could! :) oh...and love that space in the post below, my gosh! with all of those books crammed into the fireplace, what a neat idea.

Kristen Sara said...

I love color- and animal print always calls my name so my favorite is the leopard print dress!