Thanks, Apartment Therapy!

... for featuring our place in a  House Tour today! It was a treat being contacted by Kristin, their Philly/DC correspondent, and being asked to participate. I spent a lot of time sprucing things up before she arrived to do the shoot, but at a certain point I just had to relax and let things be. I will say that the one difficult thing was having someone else photograph my house, which was a new experience for me. When I do it myself, I can avoid the less-than-attractive aspects that I'd rather not have people see... things such as still-visible putty covering a nail hole, or electrical cords underneath a table, or kitty footprints on the bedspread. Things that drive me crazy, but might not bother someone else. Still, I am thrilled with how things turned out! And it has been fun reading the comments too - there were some particularly sweet and complimentary ones that really made me smile. So thanks again,  Apartment Therapy... you really made my day! 

Check out the tour here...

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Kay* said...

congrats! it was such a delight to see your place featured...when i came across it on my daily AT round i was so excited for you! i also left you a glowing comment (user:kiwi) as did most everyone else ;)