always chic


Isn't Kate Spade's home just the epitome of classic chic? I love the bold pops of color and pattern among the more sedate furnishings. And the artwork doesn't hurt either...

(Images via The Selby)


VICTORIA said...

I love the textures and patterns of those spaces. So warm and cozy.
Each guest room is uniquely designed and decorated so well.Fabulous!thanks for sharing.

Holyoke Home said...

That kitchen eating area is divine. The 'classic' shades on the window made an ordinary space feel a lot more special.

Thanks for sharing! I've added you blog to my blogroll.

jamieofalltrades said...

I really love the kitchen. I'd eat breakfast there every day!

Home Lighting said...

Gorgeous home. I love the glow of that lamp on the blue cabinet/table on the first picture. The pattern on the curtain is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing!