collecting... vintage books


Collecting - it's so much fun. While not obsessed with any one particular thing, I do keep my eyes peeled for unique vintage jewelry and clutches, art and design books, quirky animal knicknacks, and most recently, vintage novels from the 40s-60s with bold, graphic covers. 


Especially now, with the addition of my built-in bookcase, finding these dazzlingly-designed book covers has become even more exciting since I have a special place to showcase them. It's great to find a classic work by a significant author, or a first edition in pristine condition, but I also love finding an obscure book with a fabulous, colorful dust jacket. They are perfect to decorate with too,  like a small, unique work of art!


So how does one find books like these? I like to visit good used book stores, such as Brickbat Books in Philly, as well as flea markets, antique marts, and of course, eBay. With eBay, you need to know what to search for though. I search for specific titles and authors after looking at sites such as The Book Cover Archive or even Kate Spade.

Two questions for you - what kind of things do you collect? And what do you think about decorating with books?


Holyoke Home said...

'Camus' is my favorite, although 'The Wonderful Clouds' is a close second. I've not thought to collect books. Maybe because my mom was a librarian?

I think there's a HUGE antiquarian book fair around here somewhere.

Jackie said...

Agreed! I'm looking for a vintage harbound copy of "Zelda" to add to my display, and am always on the lookout for eye catching covers. I recently ran across this book on etsy I am considering, it doesn't have a graphic cover, but I think you would like the title: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66288395/vintage-book-peacock-feathers-by-temple


Kat P said...

Wonderful collection!

For aesthetic purposes I like collecting the little 25 cent Dell books i.e.:

But I mainly obtain books strictly for reading purposes :)

A modern book with a great cover is "Skippy Dies" by Paul Murray

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I haven't been to Brickbat, but have wanted to forever. I feel like my bookshelves have too many tchotches and not enough books!

As for collecting... brass candlesticks and textiles for myself. Asian pottery, brass crane bird figurines, Moroccan lanterns, coral and malachite boxes for my clients.

i suwannee said...

YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING. i am reading it front to back right now =)