happy monday + a belated round-up


Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I was able to do some successful flea-marketing with my friend Lisa of ...Just Over the River (we bought tons of fun vintage jewelry for song!) and enjoyed a single day of sunny weather before Philly reverted to its recent standard of gray and gloominess. I also realized that I forgot to post on Friday - I meant to offer a round up of things I've been liking lately. So why not share them with you today?
  • What a cool bedroom (above) from M Design Interiors. I love the sparkling accents, which add a bit of luxe to the funky-boho surroundings.
  • Photographer Aaron Ruell's website features some eye-popping interiors that will put a smile on your face.
  • Holy cow - Missoni for Target?! Could this be true? If so, I can't wait until September...
  • I need a new summer hat. Something appropriately quirky. This one from Kate Spade would be perfect.
  • Did you see those ridiculously amazing party balloons be Geronimo Balloons that Oh Joy! featured the other day? I need to have a party immediately!
  • Have you been following coverage of the Cannes Film Festival? There are so many good movies coming out later this year. I'm particularly interested in Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, despite the controversy regarding the director's tres inappropriate remarks at a press conference. How dreamy is this image from the movie's poster...

  • And finally, this performance by The Twilight Singers on David Letterman rocks my world. In addition to being my favorite band of all time, they are lovely friends of mine who put on the best rock show you will ever see. I mean it. Check them out live as they tour the west coast this week, followed by the southwest the next...


Pop Culture Casualty said...

I'm jealous about the shopping with Lisa. Can I come next time?? And were you actually in the audience for the Twilight Singer performance? Should I be looking for you in a cut away shot?

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I didn't realize you and Lisa were friends. Sounds like fun shopping times!

And I love Molly Loot. She can do NO wrong in my book.

Never heard of the band, but I will check them out.

Peacock Feathers said...

Yes, I was in the audience, but they put friends and family in the front row of the balcony so you can't see us at all. That's fine with me though!