pattern of color

I've noticed a variety of black and yellow inspiration in my style files lately...


I recently ordered this poster, which is the artwork from the British first edition of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, designed by Vanessa Bell in 1925. Such a delightful book cover, one of my favorites ever. (For those of you interested in vintage first editions, this particular novel goes in the tens of thousands of dollars - holy moly!) Meanwhile, the scarf by Diane von Furstenberg has been on my wish list for months, ever since I saw it at the DVF boutique in LA...


Have you found yourself attracted to certain color combos lately? If so, which ones?

(top image by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine; Mrs. Dalloway poster via PopArt UK ; Masons Deux scarf by Diane von Furstenberg)


Blue Fruit said...

Glad to know we share a current obsession for this colour combo! I find myself constantly spotting yellow, grey and black stuff everywhere, even when I am supposed to be looking at different colours for various projects.

Such an elegant combination with a bit of pizzaz!

Your poster is FANTASTIC!

Nat @ dear little house said...

I keep toying with the idea of going yellow with one of the rooms in our house, but it's so so easy to get it wrong. Lots of paint samples required!

Bromeliad said...

Black and gold.

Dig your poster. Love that horse art in the inspiration photo as well.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Black/yellow/gray is one of my favorite combos.

Also, I just stumbled on your blog and you have me hooked, I am seriously obsessed!