happy weekend!


I leave you for the weekend with a few bits of eye candy that are making me particularly happy. First of all, I could totally live in the home pictured above. Big windows, oversized artwork, a rattan elephant side table and a shaggy dog ottoman - all in a palette of lilac, pink and yellow? What more could one ask for? 

I'm also desperately craving this Marc Jacobs confection, which can be found at The Outnet (among many other items that would fit perfectly into my closet). Finally, I'm loving this home by Marmalade Interiors that was featured on Made By Girl the other day. A turquoise dresser and purple velvet chair have been added to my home wish list!

Hope you all have an incredibly happy weekend! See you on Monday...

(top image via Desire to Inspire)


Jessie said...

Love the first image, very pretty home.


Celine Henke said...

Love the turquoise dresser and purple velvet chair! Jewel tones are excellent!

Melissa Clark said...

I adore the soft jewel tones in your post! Plus who could resist the shaggy dog ottoman! Thank you!


outlast blanket buy said...

I love this drawing room and the side elephant table is very beautiful I like your post so much.Thank you for sharing with us.