band of gold

I'm always lusting for more jewelry, and rings are usually at the top of my list...

Whether slim and delicate, or brutalist and bold, or with quirky critters and skulls... a beautiful gold ring (or two or three) for my hand makes me a happy lady. I suspect it's because I can look down at it all day long!

(from top left: Alex Monroe 22k gold-plated scroll heart ring; Mathias Chaize Avec gold-plated and silver ring set; Alex Monroe 22k gold-plated horseshoe diamond ring; Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring; Dominic Jones Scarab 23k rose gold-plated ring; Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too gold-plated Swarovski crystal ring; Marc by Marc brass mouse ring; Alexander McQueen enameled brass skull ring; Aurelie Bidermann Mamba 18k gold-plated snake ring - all via Net-A-Porter)


Sara Alves Corceiro said...

O love rings and these and these are no exception.

Movimento Moda

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

You have great taste...love all the chunky gold ones. :)

Ann said...

I usually go for the chunky, but today I'm feeling the gold horseshoe. Maybe I'm in need of some luck today?