This is truly a fantasy land of a house. I imagine the animals coming to life at night and whooping it up around the dining room table. I have a feeling the zebra is the life of the party!

(Images via Interiors)


Alejandra said...

i am a collector of animal bits and pieces, and people are often disgusted by my goodies.. not to be creepy. i used to be a zookeeper, so i find it interesting and keep the things for educational purposes! :P
so, it's cool to see that there's someone else "out there" who likes the animal heads on the wall, too! :)

Marissa Waddell said...

Oh my goodness! That dining room is amazing.

Celine Henke said...

Ahhhh it looks like the picture of you with the lion!

Sara Alves Corceiro said...

Kind'a scary. I'm not into stuffed animals :P

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Renée Finberg said...

this is fabulous!!!

Joanna said...

Very creative! Brings out a child in you! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about imagining the animals "coming to life", since they had their heads chopped off.

Creepy to me, but I'm sure the home owner loves it, and that's what counts.