Living Room Tableaux

From my living room, a collection of some of my favorite things. From top: a flea market owl paint-by-number; my dad's collection of Japanese match boxes from the early 70s; two adorable Davina Zagury prints; a witty Jonathan Adler canister; a shell ball from Roost; a fantastic print from an old college friend; a funny vintage seal objet; some mandatory fashion and design books; yet another J.A. piece - this time a copper partridge; and an arrangement of pheasant feathers and billy balls.

A close-up of the Davina prints. They are from her "Land of Lost Toys" project. She used to sell the prints from a table in NYC's Soho on the weekends, but I haven't seen her recently. This series would look great in a child's bedroom, or really anywhere. As for me, I love old toys and stuffed animals, and I like to wonder about who used to hold and treasure them. I once bought a tattered stuffed blue poodle from eBay because he looked so lonely - I wish I had photographed him properly.

I found this collection of Japanese matchboxes in a closet in my parent's house. My dad collected them when he was in the service. I love the colors and the images are so graphic and fun.

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