Office Redecoration Continues...

Decorating my new office has been so much fun! The paint color turned out perfect - so vibrant and warm - despite the many suggestions that I select something more "toned down" or that I only use it for an accent wall. Sometimes you just know what you want. Anyway, the organization of the copious amount of office papers, event supplies, flower vases and various knick-knacks has finally shown some results. Sleek, inexpensive white Ikea bins and a good cleaning out of my large file cabinet helped in that effort. Floating shelves for the wall behind my desk have yet to arrive, but when they do my office will be complete!

Favorite framed images and a row of chairs with cheerful seat
cushions (another great Ikea find at $5.99 each) line the wall opposite my desk.

A silver reception chair holds my purse and coat, while a framed
Twilight Singers poster and zebra pouf add some graphic pop. The lamp,
a great knock-off of Jonathan Adler's original, is another can't-pass-up bargain --
$39.99 on clearance at Urban Outfitters. I have to stay on the look-out
for a slightly better shade though, one both more wide and more deep.

An iron squirrel offers a bowl of turquoise beads, while a
green lacquer tissue holder props up a stack of event design books.

The happy view from my desk - I look forward to coming to work just so I can
enjoy this new fabulous space! Brightly saturated carnations (one of my favorite flowers),
tightly arranged in a simple bubble vase, are an added touch of pleasure. The lamp, a hold-
over from my previous space, was intended to be temporary until I find a blue Chinese lamp,
but for some reason I think it might belong right where it is.

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