The New House, Part 1

Part of the reason I've been neglecting the blog for so long is because my guy and I recently moved into a new house. It's been a very exciting process and we are loving it. Luckily for us the house was move-in ready, so our work has been mostly cosmetic (painting, installing fixtures) and decorating.

I'll be sharing a lot more of our progress to date in upcoming posts. For now, I share with you the front door. Did you notice that really interesting door knocker? Here's a better view of him:

His name is Otis, and he's our foxy antique door knocker. I found him on eBay... a real bargain! He was originally brass-finished, but I sprayed him silver to match the other door hardware. Otis watches over the house and growls at strangers and pesky kids. He was a great find.

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kay* said...

i LOVE a black door (so chic!) and your door knocker is so cool! love it all!

great blog