Weekend Acquisitions + Finished Console Table

I've been very focused on perfecting the entry area/console table in the living room. I've always wanted a nice entry way, with a place to put mail and keys that looks both orderly and stylish. Since we moved in the house, we've been pulling it together step by step. This weekend I picked up these two lovely vintage phoenix birds from a local boutique called Hello World. I usually like to dig these things up myself at flea markets or on eBay, but sometimes I'm willing to pay a premium to have something so pretty.

They are the latest addition to a much improved entry table. A couple weeks ago, this is how things looked:

The table was our initial purchase, and we love it. From the Stockholm collection at Ikea, it's one of the better pieces of furniture they sell. Sleek, yet warm, with a great mid-century vibe, it was the perfect choice. An octopus print and a collection of cacti served as placeholders until our mirror and lamps arrived.

Things are looking much better here! The mirror arrived last week - a bargain purchase from, of all places, Walmart.com. Called the Karah, it's very similar a sunburst mirror that used to be sold on Z Gallerie, but for about 30% less. I also really like the glass ball lamp here, but the table is completely lacking in symmetry. And I'm not sure about all the cacti.

A second lamp, along with some storage baskets picked up this weekend, has changed things a bit more:

This is the console table as things stand today. I love the flanking lamps, and I love the burst of color the birds add. Not to mention, the baskets are great for keeping things tidy below (no more piles of NetFlix envelopes to stare at!) Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the wall....

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kay* said...

i have a very similar frame with butteflies in it but mines a bit larger - got it in panama as my souvenir for my, eventual, apartment.