Modern, Rustic, Bold and Bright


Not everything I covet must be overflowing with color and pattern. For an alternative take on French style, I offer this lovely Paris home. When I came across this house from Marie Claire Maison, I found its relative simplicity refreshing. I love the overall modern design with touches of the rustic, bold, and just plain charming (like the sweet birdhouse on the dresser)...


(Images via Marie Claire Maison)


bananas. said...

i love the green room! what a great home.

Amber said...

I have only known of your blog for a few weeks but it has become one of my 3 very favorites (out of almost 100), not bad huh? You give so much inspiration that twists into something else for me. Instead of just copying ideas which I also do happily, the photos help me go outside the box very differently. So thank you. Where do you find all this?
I am having a Mai Tai Monday get together, orange and pink mainly, in a week and a half. If you have any ideas please send them my way. Or do a whole post if you feel inspired by color or substance etc., since I do read you daily.

wolf biter said...

I love the look of the bedding here, so simple and tidy.

I love how French people never go overboard on the pillows. It seems like in the US people go INSANE with pillows. Big ones in the back, two for under your head, and an army of little ones you have to throw on the floor and replace in the morning. I have no time for that.

OmnisLucis said...

wow that yellow wall print is so unexpected. and i love the way the afternoon sunlight hits the room in the last picture.

TheDecoDetective said...

It has a very special feeling. I can't quite put my finger on it; it feels unusual and ordinary at the same time - especially the bedrooms. I like it!