Rock Posters from The Small Stakes

My last post got me thinking about (and looking for) cool, graphic posters that could possibly find a home in my bathroom. Since I love indie rock posters, it seemed the right time to see what some of my favorite designers currently have to offer. The Small Stakes designs some of the coolest posters out there - they are so bold and clean-lined, and the super-saturated (almost neon) colors would be the perfect accent hanging next to my sink (or really, anywhere in my house!) The variety shown here cost between $25 and $30 and most are currently in stock. Not bad for the amount of graphic panache they will add to a wall!

(All images via The Small Stakes)


Shannon said...

yes! one or two of these would be perfect in my greenish/blueish bathroom. can't wait to see what you choose :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow beautiful! I think I must have that she and him one. It's too perfect!

I was out a bit last week so I'm very excited to catch up on what I missed here.

melifaif said...

Funky, I like-y!

Sari said...

Everyone of these posters is fantastic. I actually have a full wall of similar graphic prints in my front hallway. These ones are much better than mine.
I love you blog! I added you to my blog roll!

Jackie said...

These are great and will look wonderful in your house!

jess@noelmarie said...

These are so cool. I have been wanting that She & Him poster forever. Love them and love the print.