Happy Weekend + House Projects

Here's wishing us all a happy weekend! It's been a crummy end of the week for me, what with the stolen bike, the freezing wet weather, and the fact that I have four (count em) stray cats living on my front stoop that I can't bring in the house because I already have three other cats. I'm hoping it dries out and warms up soon so the homeless kitties (and I) don't have to be so miserable. Anyway, I've got some fun projects to keep me busy until then. I'm doing some redecorating in the master bedroom, and am thinking about painting the dresser white (which is why I've included some inspiration shots above). Also, the awesome #2-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide (my alma mater) will be playing tomorrow night and I'll actually be home to watch the game.  So hooray, Roll Tide, and happy weekend to you all!

(Images from top: Canadian House and Home, M Design Interiors, Louisa Grey, Canadian House and Home)


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm really sorry about your bike. How low people can stoop is beyond me. My son had his stolen from his front stoop in a University town. It was his transportation to get to & from classes & work. I am hoping for warmer weather for the kitty's & your ballgame on Sat. Enjoy the wkend & now I want to paint our bedroom endtables white!!

Lisa said...

hmmm. are you leaning toward some neutral walls? I'm around this weekend if you need some help.

Collins said...

I love every single one of those images - I want them all to be my room!

melifaif said...

My boss is a HUGE 'Roll Tide' fan and I hear about them non-stop! Have fun this weekend. I am still praying for the safe return of your sweet ride. (A girl can dream, right?)

LindsB said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bike, that totally sucks!

I hope you have a better weekend!!

haircutting in high heels said...

blog hopped via Coco+Kelly, glad I did!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Oh great pics you got here for INSPIRATION! Can't wait to see it...I am doing the same but with my FAMILY room!
Jen Ramos
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