Ted Muehling Jewelry


Ted Muehling makes the most gorgeous jewelry. Period. His handcrafted pieces (not just jewelry, but decorative objects too) are inspired by nature and showcase the beautiful stones and materials from which they are crafted. Now I love big, bold costume jewelry, but it sure is nice to rock a pair of delicate, precious little earrings too. That's why I am featuring some of his lovely dangling earrings today. My sweetie was so thoughtful to gift me with a pair of Muehling's turquoise berries for Christmas, and I will be wearing a pair of his perfect pink pearls (seen at top) on my wedding day. They are exquisite, but not too ridiculous of a splurge, and you will have them forever. You can't buy online, but his lovely eponymously named shop in NYC sells his wares, and in Philadelphia the collection can be found at one of my favorite boutiques, Egan Day. If you have the chance to stop at either store, be sure to peruse the also-fabulous pieces by Gabriella Kiss (who happens to make the most gorgeous engagement and wedding rings...)

Muehling's store in NYC
And if you like pretty coffee table books as much as me, then I recommend you check out "Ted Muehling: A Portrait by Ted Freeman"...
(All images via Ted Muehling.com)


On the Glam said...

I love the turquoise danglers in the second row. Gorgeous!

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Erin said...

Thank you for the introduction. His jewelry is stunning and just my style.

Hello Lover... said...

Great finds! Thanks for sharing!